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5 Kettlebell Swing MISTAKES!

The kettlebell swing is a brilliant exercise for building strength in your posterior chain (back line of the body), so if you’re training for something in particular, or play sports, or simply want a nicer bum, then these are a must! 😉

But, I see so many mistakes, and here are some of them:

1 – Rounding the back

This puts the lower back in a compromised position, as well as losing tension in the back muscles to make the exercises functional.

2 – Shoulder raise

This shows a lack of hip hinge power and too much focus on upper body lifting through the movement.

3 – Hanging too low

This loads the lower back too much, bringing the shoulders lower than they need to be, and is not an efficient way of performing the exercise to it’s optimum value.

4 – Leaning back

Hyperextending through the spine whilst loaded at the front can lead to lower back injuries, try to squeeze the glutes and stand tall.

5 – Too much squat

This shows lack of hip hinge strength or maybe confidence, forcing the quads (anterior) to start taking over much of the exercise instead of hamstrings (posterior).

I hope that helps guys! You can watch the video demo below!

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